RAND's research and analysis span a broad range of policy issues informed by diverse research methods and tailored to meet specific needs. Three attributes collectively distinguish RAND's value to its clients, grantors, donors, and employees, along with policymakers and the general public:

  • Trusted source of expertise, analysis, and ideas

    RAND researchers, often working side-by-side with decisionmakers, apply the highest standards for scientific rigor and objectivity to ensure independent, reliable, and practical policy recommendations.

  • World-class talent matched to specific problems or needs

    RAND's multi-disciplinary staff, rich in substantive expertise and practical experience, develop and apply the latest methods and tools to solve complex problems across the policy landscape.

  • Commitment to advancing the public good

    RAND research extends beyond the formal product to include a commitment to wide dissemination of results and the transfer of skills, tools, and knowledge; RAND efforts aim to link stakeholders, improve decisionmaking, and advance the public good — free of commercial, partisan, and ideological bias.

RAND works with a wide spectrum of clients around the world, including:

Public Sector

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RAND provides services to government agencies around the world, including in the United States, Europe, the Middle East, and Asia. We also operate four federally funded research and development centers (FFRDCs) that assist the U.S. government with scientific research, analysis, and development.

Private Sector

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In some cases, RAND provides the private sector with valuable strategic advice and operational recommendations, especially in areas where the public and private sectors converge.

Philanthropic Sector

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RAND can help put the policy pieces together for the foundation community, as well as generate innovative ideas and evidence-based options for individual philanthropists seeking to make a difference on important policy challenges.

Portfolio of Work

  • Policy Analysis

    Developing Strategies for Summer Learning

    RAND education experts conducted extensive literature reviews, examined summer program cost data, interviewed numerous providers of summer programs, and visited a diverse range of U.S. cities to interview summer learning leaders and observe summer learning directly.

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