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RAND research addresses child health and how families and neighborhoods affect child well-being. Other family-focused research covers topics such as immigration, caregiving, and household finances. Through studies on families as well as community resilience, RAND develops solutions to public policy challenges to help make communities throughout the world safer and more secure, healthier and more prosperous.

  • Essay

    Preventing Violence in Schools: How to Encourage Students to Report Threats

    One of the most consistent findings in research on school shootings is that someone knew an attack was possible but didn't report it. There are ways schools can encourage students to come forward when they see or hear something concerning: tip lines, training, and a lot more trust.

    Mar 9, 2023

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    Supporting Students in Foster Care

    State and federal policymakers have passed legislation designed to promote collaboration between the education and child welfare systems with the goal of improving educational stability for youth in foster care and, in turn, their educational outcomes. But there are barriers to cross-system collaboration.

    Apr 4, 2023

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