Health Equity


Health equity is fair and just access to health resources, protection from health hazards, and health decisionmaking. RAND research aims to understand the causes of disparities in health outcomes, health care access, and health care quality, and to identify opportunities to reduce these disparities.

  • Commentary

    The Equity-First Vaccination Initiative's Challenges and Successes

    The Equity-First Vaccination Initiative invested $21 million in community-based organizations to reduce racial disparities in vaccination rollout and support strengthening public health systems in the United States over the longer term. The initiative demonstrated a path forward for funders to center equity in their approach to grantmaking.

    Nov 3, 2022

  • Essay

    The Impact of Racism on Patient Safety

    Minoritized patients are at high risk of experiencing what the medical field calls “patient safety events.” But the way the U.S. health care system tracks patient safety too often makes their experiences invisible. Better reporting would allow hospitals and other providers to identify disparities in care, and to address them.

    Oct 26, 2022

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